"Cas has this love of humanity. I don’t think Hannah quite shares that.”

Executive producer Robert Singer, season 10 iTunes sneak peek





'…I love you too, Dean'

One day he didn’t wake up.
His grace just…faded away.

Dean buried him under an old tree, in a place that they both loved.
Years have passed and he visited him every single day.
Sometimes he talked about his day, about how gray are Sam’s hair now, or how he scared someone with his black eyes and how they really deserved it.
Sometimes he brought flowers with him.
Sometimes he was quiet, only looking at the sky.
But he was always there, sitting next to the grave of a man with who he shared his last name.

And Cas was still watching over him.

thats okay I dont have a heart anyway



demon!Dean in the iTunes season 10 sneak peek

  • Writers:*hints at a possible romantic relationship between Hannah and Castiel*
  • Destiel Shippers:I'D RATHER HAVE MEGSTIEL
  • Megstiel Shippers:I'D RATHER HAVE DESTIEL


Spoilers for 9x23

Dean and Cas are back at the bunker

Dean needs to relax and you know how good the water pressure is

this is what follows

a more sfw version 

Kinky, I like.


I have an uncontrollable crush on Rachel Miner